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Falcons prospect workout train chugs along with local day, visit with QB

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Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are hosting their annual local workout day for prospects who attended college or high school nearby, and they've got another quarterback on their list, too.

Byard isn't a super physical safety and isn't stellar in coverage, but he's quick, has terrific situational awareness, and picked a lot of passes in college, making him a really interesting flyer if he's there in the middle to late rounds, which I expect he will be. I singled out Byard because he's the biggest name on the list of local workouts, which D. Orlando Ledbetter reports includes:

Georgia defensive tackle Sterling Bailey (East Hall), Georgia State cornerback Bruce Dukes (Sandy Creek), Alabama linebacker Dillon Lee (Buford), Florida State linebacker Terrance Smith (Southwest DeKalb), Middle Tennessee safety Kevin Byard (M.L. King, Lithonia) and Charleston Southern DB Malcolm Jackson (North Gwinnett)

Byard might not be a day one starter for Atlanta, but I do think he could get there, and the Falcons have enough options in the mix that they wouldn't need to rush him, even though the likes of Charles Godfrey, Kemal Ishmael, and Robenson Therezie aren't making any Falcons fans thrilled for 2016. You'll probably see at least one of the other guys from this list joining the Falcons as a UDFA, for what that's worth.

On to the quarterback. Hogan's workout is intriguing because he's a project with NFL size, excellent short accuracy, and some mobility, i.e. exactly the kind of player the Falcons might want to groom as a long-term backup. I don't have a good feel for his stock at all, given that every scouting report you read mentions that his mechanics and footwork are going to take significant time to fix, but there's enough upside here to merit consideration. The Falcons have worked out or will work out four quarterbacks in total, assuming you count TCU's QB/WR hybrid Trevone Boykin as an option, including Michigan's Jake Rudock, Liberty's Josh Woodrum, and Hogan, so it's safe to assume they're not wedded to Matt Schaub as the backup.

Your thoughts on these prospects?