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Falcons undrafted free agent tracker: Signings and rumors after the 2016 NFL Draft

Let's see who the team adds now that the draft is over.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is nearly over, and so it is time to start thinking about the incoming crop of UDFAs for the Falcons, which yields at least one useful player per year. Usually.

With just six picks in the books, the Falcons are better but still obviously have holes on the roster, and they at least need bodies to compete pretty much across the roster. Taking a shot at a few intriguing players who didn't land on roster in the actual draft is just smart policy.

Over the last decade, UDFA classes ave included the great Brent Grimes, Paul Worrilow, and role players like James Stone and Robenson Therezie. We'll hope the Falcons find a few worthy gems along the way at they assemble this year's class.

Please note that these signings will be mostly unconfirmed until tomorrow at the earliest, so take everything with your appropriate dose of sodium. There may be other Tweets mixed into this tracker, but we'll try to add what we can to this post.