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NFL Draft 2016: Third day live tracker, schedule, and coverage

Three picks left for the Falcons on the third day of the draft.

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The third day of the draft promises to be a little livelier for the Atlanta Falcons, who swapped down two picks in the second round in exchange for an additional sixth rounder. Considering the job they've done to this point, consider me pretty optimistic for the last four rounds.

By getting Keanu Neal, Deion Jones, and Austin Hooper, the Falcons have addressed three positions of need with players who have genuine upside. These guys may not work out, and Neal was arguably a reach at #17, but I like all three selections and think they'll be solid pros at worst. For a team with major needs, that'll be good enough, and now they just need to snag some talent they can mold with their last three picks, assuming they elect not to trade down again.

Follow along with all the action below.

Draft Time & Info

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, & Seventh Rounds

When: Saturday, April 30, 12 p.m.

TV Channels: ESPN & NFL Network

Falcons Selections

Round 1, Pick #17: S Keanu Neal
Round 2, Pick #52: LB Deion Jones
Round 3, Pick #81: TE Austin Hooper
Round 4, Pick #115
Round 6, Pick #195
Round 7, Pick #238

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