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NFL Draft 2016: Best players available as the Atlanta Falcons enter day three of the draft

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The Atlanta Falcons took a deliberate, measured approach over the first two days of the 2016 NFL Draft. They're trying their best to get players who can contribute right away, plugging roster holes immediately.

The Falcons will look to address their remaining needs on the final day of the draft. They still need help at guard, linebacker, and defensive back. If there's a developmental pass rusher to be had, they'll likely pursue him. There are some quality options. Dan Quinn himself commented last night about wealth of offensive line talent still on the board.

If you're interested, SB Nation has a complete list of the best players still available. Here are five players I think the Falcons could take today:

Christian Westerman

A dominant guard at Arizona State, Westerman's dad also played guard for the Sun Devils. He's athletic, strong, and technically sound. He's basically a polished zone blocker ready to contribute on day one.

Vadal Alexander

If you recall, the Falcons worked out Alexander right before the draft. He's not a prototypical zone blocker, but he's a beast that can run block your face off. The Falcons would get good value by taking him in the fourth round, assuming he's around when they pick.

Landon Turner

Like Alexander, Turner is known for his brute strength. Need a small car moved from location A to location B? Then Turner is your man. He's known for his aggressiveness and desire to win against his man. Taking him in the fourth round would be a slight reach, but if he somehow falls to the 6th round, the Falcons will have to give Turner a hard look.

Shawn Oakman

I won't lie, I'm just intrigued by Oakman's sheer size. At 6'9, 275 pounds, he should be playing power forward for an NBA team. Oakman does have a pretty checkered past, but I could see the Falcons taking a chance on him in the seventh round. He apparently had a very difficult upbringing, and I'm wondering whether the Falcons could look past his legal troubles, given that context. At his best, Oakman simply overwhelms his competition.

Travis Feeney

Feeny is a former safety that scouts describe as "rangy." (Sound familiar, Falcons fans?) Feeney lacks an ideal frame but he's the kind of player that can fly all over the field, if you need him to. I won't be surprised to see him available in the 7th round, and if he is, the Falcons could certainly do worse.

So who are you hoping the Falcons will add in the fourth round and beyond? Discuss!