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Everyone talks about Dan Quinn getting his Michael Bennett. Do the Falcons have him?

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The answer is mostly no, but there's a little yes.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Every time the Falcons sign a new defensive lineman, someone on the World Wide Web (TM) mentions the possibility that he could be this team's Michael Bennett.

What they mean by that, largely, is that Bennett is such an effective, versatile piece that he really elevates everyone around him, and he has become a chess piece for a succession of defensive coordinators in Seattle. He can rush the passer from both defensive end and defensive tackle, move along the line as needed in any situation, and generally impact the offense's game plan, regardless of whether they're passing or running.

It should be fairly obvious to you that the Falcons do not have a Michael Bennett, in the sense that Bennett is a unique and truly excellent player, and the Falcons can't just pluck someone like him out of thin air. What they do have, finally, are a couple of players who might be resemble Bennett's production and role if you squint a little.

Adrian Clayborn was effectively that player a year ago, as he swapped back and forth between the edge and the interior and was decently effective doing so. He'll be asked to play more end this year, however, where I imagine he'll be a more useful pass rusher.

The guy I'm more intrigued by is Derrick Shelby. He's shown flashes of competence or better as a pass rusher, has the size and power to play both end and defensive tackle—and it's worth noting that the team expects he'll play both—and he's a tremendous run-stopper already, particularly off the edge. He's no Bennett, for certain, but if you're looking for the guy most likely to be used the same way Bennett is and equal half of his production or better, Shelby's your man.

At the end of the day, nobody on this Falcons team is Michael Bennett, unfortunately. I do have high hopes for Shelby in 2016 and beyond, though, and I hope he'll be able to do a decent imitation of Bennett before all is said and done.

How about you?