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NFL Draft 2016: Twitter reactions to the Atlanta Falcons second day draft picks

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Fact: Thomas Dimitroff puts ketchup on his hot dogs

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The Atlanta Falcons felt good about their first round draft pick. Keanu Neal will be the team's starting strong safety from day one. Whether he can write a theme song as good as William Moore's "W.A.R." remains to be seen. But I'm optimistic. Heading into day two of the NFL Draft, Falcons fans were hoping Myles Jack and Hunter Henry would somehow plummet and land in Atlanta. But alas, like Dave's sobriety, it wasn't meant to be.

The Falcons started off the second night of the NFL Draft with a trade, sending the 50th overall pick to the Houston Texans in exchange for the 52nd overall pick and a sixth round pick. The Falcons now have six picks to worth with.

Given that the Texans ultimately jumped ahead two spots and drafted a center, the trade worked out pretty well for the Falcons. (Think about it: they jumped ahead of the New York Jets and the Falcons and both teams have very capable centers.) Then the Falcons did the predictable thing, adding speedy linebacker Deion Jones.

The selection angered New Orleans Saints fans everywhere. He's a New Orleans native and his dad is a huge Saints fan.

Setting aside the fact that Jones doesn't profile as a speed rusher in the NFL, it's pretty funny watching Saints fans squirm.

Waiting for the Falcons' third round pick got interesting when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers inexplicably traded up in the second round and drafted Florida State kicker Robert Aguayo.

The Falcons took Stanford tight end Austin Hooper in the third round, solidifying their status as the official employer of Stanford tight ends everywhere.

Spoiler alert: Hooper isn't a pass rusher, nor is he a basketball player. (Shocking!) The Falcons apparently don't care, believing Cooper has what it takes to develop into a quality option for franchise quarterback Matthew Thomas Ryan.

So there you have it, Falcons fans. Day two of the NFL Draft is officially in the books. Your thoughts?