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How will Falcons first round pick Keanu Neal fit in?

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A glaring hole in the defense has been clearly filled.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With both Myles Jack and Shaq Lawson on the board, the Falcons surprised many fans when they selected Keanu Neal, the safety out of Florida. Neal's name began to emerge in recent days as a potential pick for the Falcons, with Quinn's history with Neal being a big factor. It appears that it was, and coach Quinn gets a punishing safety for his budding defense.

If we're talking about what Quinn wants on defense, we all know the phrase by now: fast and physical. Well, Keanu Neal is just that.

Without a doubt, Neal will immediately plug in as the day one starter at strong safety. His physicality will serve him well in the box, though he'll need to be more conscious about wrapping guys up consistently. However, don't let that physicality deceive you: Neal can cover as well. He played both safety positions at Florida and is more than capable of dropping into coverage.

Oh, and the Falcons struggles with covering tight ends? Neal is going to be a big factor in fixing that.

Some fans may need some time to warm up to this pick, but it appears that Quinn got a key cornerstone for his defense.

What are your thoughts on how Neal fits into our defense?