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NFL Draft: Twitter reaction to the Atlanta Falcons drafting Florida safety Keanu Neal

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There are a lot of feeling swarming around this pick, and we captured some of it.

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We rounded up our favorite tweets about the

This was the first tweet in my timeline. I was so very excited to see Myles Jack was still on the board. Shaq Lawson and Darren Lee were still available as well. Actually, every player we hoped Atlanta had a chance at, was available. And more.

Falcons stayed at 17, and picked Neal.

The official twitter account is excited. He's a great fit. The options were so surprisingly numerous that the Falcons would have struggled to make a bad pick.

As of the time of this writing, Jack is free fallin' deep into the back of the first round.

I'm not ready to go that far, but I can understand the disappointment. If the Falcons moved back 10 spots and took Neal, I think the move would have been widely applauded. They didn't, but adding a midround pick shouldn't make or break a draft.

That isn't great.

It feels a bit high, but Karl Joseph went a few slots before. I can't blame the front office too much for playing it safe if Neal was always the guy.

Prepare for another season of Paul Worrilow, but the Falcons should address WLB in round 2 or 3. I'll probably but this in the flat B range, but Neal will have to have a great career to justify this draft status and outperform that grade.

Neal is a great fit, but Myles Jack is a transcendent player. I'm happy and disappointed all at once.

I think that is a bad thing.

At least they are at peace.

And I keep forgetting that Neal is actually a great player. Falcons haven't had good play at safety since 2012. They haven't had anyone that could tackle since 2011.

This post is brought to you by the Key and Peele guys.

Thanks Wendy, for this very weak endorsement of the guy you have been watching for years.

I have wanted the Falcons to seriously invest in the pass rush, and adding Lawson the year after Beasley would have been a great way to do that. However, the team added a few DL that can realistically rotate and pass rush well.

Yes. My problem with the linebackers (outside of Jack) were none of them were both fast and physical. Neal fits a pretty premium position, and has good size, good speed, and great tackling. He should be a star on a defense with so very few good players.

That could have been a concern.

With all these opinions about Neal, how do you think Dan Quinn and Co. did during day one of the draft?