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NFL Draft 2016: what's the wrong approach for the Atlanta Falcons in this weekend's draft?

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Fact: Thomas Dimitroff was banned from Snapchat

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

In 24 hours the Atlanta Falcons will make their first round selection in the 2016 NFL Draft. You've suffered through countless mock drafts and endless analysis. We've run through all the possibilities, and yet, is there any doubt the team will surprise us? It's an exciting time, Falcons fans.

For the most part, the so-called "experts," myself included, think the Falcons will focus on defense. Head coach Dan Quinn can only field a quality defense if he has the proper personnel. That said, the offensive line could use some help and Levine Toilolo, while competent, isn't a long-term solution at tight end. And then there's the whole "draft the best available player" conundrum.

For me, a distinct emphasis on improving the defense and the addition of an offensive lineman with potential would suffice. If the team takes a project-heavy approach or inexplicably drafts offensive players in the first two round, I'll be one grumpy fellow.

So here's my question: as a Falcons fans, what could the team do over the next three days to frustrate or anger you? With any luck, Thomas Dimitroff will read this and take note. Put down the hair product, Thomas. Put it down.