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2016 NFL Draft: Myles Jack admits he may need microfracture surgery, may plummet in draft

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The most talented linebacker in the class (arguably) could see his stock fall further (also arguably).

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It is a damn shame that two of the best players in this draft class are facing injuries that threaten their chances at long, productive careers and may torpedo their draft stocks. We already knew we were there with Jaylon Smith, who won't play in 2016, and the more we hear about Myles Jack, the worse his status seems to get.

You will rightfully point out that there's nothing earth-shattering here, but Jack may as well have told NFL teams that he may not last through his first contract, which is something no team spending a first round pick on a gifted player who carries even more questions than the average first round pick, and microfracture surgery is one of the more terrifying potential outcomes for teams to contemplate. I would hope the Falcons would consider him if they thought microfracture was more of a remote possibility than a certainty, but at this point, it wouldn't be totally stunning to see Jack fall into the latter half of the first round, at the very least.

This greatly increases the likelihood that Leonard Floyd and even Darron Lee go before the Falcons ever get a crack at the them, and this draft suddenly seems even smokier than it did before. So disappointed for Jack and Smith.