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2016 NFL Draft: The full Atlanta Falcons draft order

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This is barring trades, of course.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons only have five selections to last them three days in this year's draft, and considering both the number and urgency of their needs, that's probably not enough.

Given that, the list you're about to see is almost certainly not going to remain intact. I fully expect the Falcons to finally trade down, perhaps multiple times, in an effort to pick up more selections and try to beef up the roster further. The Falcons like to throw us curveballs at draft time, so perhaps I'll wind up with egg on my face, but this class has depth at some of the positions the Falcons care about, and amassing a few more picks is the best way to set this team up for further success in 2017.

On to the picks. Let us know who you think the Falcons will take with each of these.

Falcons Selections

Round 1, Pick #17
Round 2, Pick #50
Round 3, Pick #81
Round 4, Pick #115
Round 7, Pick #238

Full NFL draft order