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NFL Draft 2016: Checking on the Falcons' visits and workouts, one last time

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We're almost to the draft, friends. Let's look at who the Falcons have shown interest in.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

We're counting down the days until the NFL Draft, and the Falcons have all but wrapped up their prospect visits and workouts, so it's probably a good time to take a fresh look.

A caveat, first: The Falcons aren't necessarily going to draft players they've spent time with, so there are only so many clues we can glean. It's still worth noting which positions the Falcons are invested in and which players they've spent the most time with, because that can still be a telling indicator, especially in the first couple of rounds.

The invaluable FalcFans guide is your stop here, so go over and peruse his guide, which looks pretty complete and allowed me to not compile my own list for the first time in recent memory. I am grateful for that.

Notable names

TE Hakeem Valles, Monmouth

If the Falcons are going to forego a tight end early in the draft, they're going to have to look for a gem in the 7th round or after the draft. Valles is one of the most recent additions to this list, and while I have no idea where he's actually going to go, the 6'5", athletic tight end appears to be on the radar for almost a dozen teams. If you're hoping the Falcons won't make tight end a priority in the first three or four rounds, Valles might be your guy.

G/T Vadal Alexander, LSU

He wasn't on Aaron's list when I typed this up, but Alexander is a massive, massive guard prospect who stands about 6'6" and 342 pounds. He wouldn't seem to be a terrific fit for a scheme that requires quicker feet and athleticism, so maybe this workout was just due diligence. That strength and size is intriguing, though.

DE Emmanuel Ogbah, Oklahoma State

One of the most divisive prospects in the class. Ogbah has power in spades and should be an immediately useful run stopper, but his awareness and pass rushing toolkit likely mean he won't be super effective on passing downs at the beginning of his career. If he somehow made it to round two, he'd be an excellent value for the Falcons, but we'll have to see.

S Sharrod Neasman, Florida Atlantic

Because what this team needs is two Florida Atlantic safeties.