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Pro Football Focus: Atlanta Falcons will take a wide receiver in the first round of this week's NFL draft

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Fact: He may be happy, and he may know it, but Thomas Dimitroff will never, under any circumstances, clap his hands

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The Atlanta Falcons can literally smell the NFL draft. (It smells like lavender and hot dogs.) In just four days, the Falcons will change the lives of several young men. But it's not only about dreams come true, because these draft picks will ideally help accomplish several of the team's goals.

First, the defense needs depth, youth, and talent. If we can walk away with a couple defensive starters, then the front office has done it's job. Second, the offensive line desperately needs some help. If they can nab a day one starter in the third round, I'll be ecstatic. Third, as offense goes, aside from a competent guard, the Falcons need some help at tight end.

For some reason I can't articulate at this moment, the normally level-headed folks at Pro Football Focus have the Falcons adding an offensive weapon in the first round in their Mock Draft 6.0. They think the Falcons will draft TCU burner Josh Doctson.

7. Atlanta Falcons - Josh Doctson, WR, TCU

Even with the signing of Mohamed Sanu, the Falcons can use another playmaker for their passing game and Doctson brings a big-play threat and perhaps the best deep receiver in the draft. His body control is outstanding, leading to a number of spectacular catches down the field and putting him on the field with Julio Jones and Sanu can be a game changer for the Falcons offense that struggled to find an option to complement Jones last season. Doctson had the highest receiving grade among all receivers despite a late-season injury in 2015.

No disrespect to Doctson or PFF, but I can't see this happening. Because if this actually came to fruition, I'm fairly certain fans would storm Flowery Branch. Large piles of hair pomade would be burned in effigy and Thomas Dimitroff himself would be duct taped to a goal post. Luckily we're all experts and we know the Falcons are focused on improving their defense ... right?