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Will the Falcons sign Dominique Easley after the draft?

Before you accuse us of clickbait, read on. Wait, that's a very clickbaity thing to say.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

When the Patriots released Dominque Easley, it immediately piqued the interested of many, many fanbases, Atlanta's included. Now that he's passed through waivers and is free to sign with any team, it's worth asking whether the Falcons will wind up with him, but we probably won't know until after the draft.

Dan Quinn said last week that he has spoken with Easley and that he has a ton of respect for him, but there was no indication of whether the team would sign him. If they're considering it, chances are good that the Falcons will want to get through the draft first, in case they land a stud defensive tackle or even defensive end that would further crowd the depth chart and make Easley less of a need. It's worth remembering that Easley, while young and capable, has dealt with injuries and rumors that he's a lousy, immature teammate, so he'd be a dice roll addition for the Falcons. If he can get healthy, though, I think he's a worthy dice roll.

Even so, this is an addition I'd support The Falcons would have a very good, pretty young rotation along the defensive front at that point (and they kind of already do), one that would take some pressure off a shaky set of linebackers.

Would you support an Easley signing?