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Myles Jack's knee injury reported to be a chondral defect, which could prompt a draft day fall

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Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Myles Jack is one of the best prospects in this class, but there's something going on with his knee, and his draft status is no longer as certain as it once was. Could he actually fall to the Falcons?

If I may put on my white lab coat and hang up my fake medical degree, what we're talking about here is effectively an irreversible loss of cartilage over time. How bad is it right now and how long will it take for Jack's knee to betray him? That's what we have no idea about, and without that information, we can't even begin to guess what NFL teams are thinking. A draft day fall could be in the works, or he could go in the top ten to a team that isn't that worried. It's a mystery.

If you can get five years out of Jack at an elite level before things go downhill, I would absolutely consider that worthy of a first round pick, though I know not everyone will agree. If the Falcons are at least satisfied that there's a good chance his career will last five years or longer, and he's hanging around at #17, I would expect the team to select him. We'll know very, very soon what happens with Jack, but there are a wide range of possible outcomes.