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Falcons talked with former Patriots and Florida DT Dominique Easley

The team sounds interested in the former first-round pick.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff spoke to the media the week before the draft, and talked about interest in a few free agents, including recently cut New England Patriots DL Dominique Easley. Quinn, of course, coached Easley when he served as the defensive coordinator for Florida.

Easley was a first-round pick just two years ago, and thanks to injuries and an allegedly odd locker room persona, he was released. He finished both of his seasons on injured reserve, and tore both ACLs in college. However, his huge talent and upside made him one of the top defensive linemen in the 2014 draft.

Quinn may be interested in bringing in Easley, still only 23, to improve Atlanta's weak defensive line rotation. And based on Quinn's limited words on Easley, he did not sound worried about Easley's behavior.

Quinn has brought in very few of his old defensive players, but no one has been available that is anywhere near as talented as Easley. He could rotate between defensive tackle and defensive end, and add some much needed pass rush. It would be hard to rely too much on him, as he is still developing and has struggled to stay healthy.

If the price is right, Easley would be a low risk addition.