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PFF draft board for the Falcons has intriguing options

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It's a draft board that strays from convention, but offers some interesting takes on team needs.

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With just one week to go until the NFL Draft, the intrigue over what the Falcons will do with their pick is building. Part of that intrigue is driven by a desire to understand what the front office believes are team needs. It's clear the team needs linebackers, but are there other areas of need that could be addressed early that would surprise us?

According to PFF, there certainly are.

In their 2016 draft board for the Falcons, the analysts over at PFF offer some interesting names in the first few rounds. Some you may have seen, and some that may surprise.

The team at PFF are pretty adamant that the Falcons need an offensive guard in one of the first two rounds. They list Cody Whitehair as an option in the first round, with Christian Westerman being a good option in the second. Given the uncertainty over Mike Person and the age of Chris Chester, this is a very realistic possibility. We've all seen what interior pressure can do to a QB - so finding a long-term starter for LG or RG is not a bad idea.

Interestingly, their LB of choice in the first two rounds is Leonard Floyd out of UGA. They believe he can stay on the field for all 3 downs, including being used as a pass rusher in obvious passing situations. The fact that the Falcons have shown interest in Floyd certainly makes this a possibility.

The other first round name that accompanied Floyd and Whitehair? Corey Coleman, the wide receiver out of Baylor. Even though the Falcons have brought in Mohamed Sanu to man the WR2 position, PFF is not convinced that the Falcons don't need to look at other options in this draft class. Given the reaction many fans had to signing Sanu, this "surprising" name would probably be a welcome one.

There are some other interesting options listed. Head over to the link to take a look and let us know what you think of their draft board.