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Pro Football Focus: Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett among best non-first rounders from 2015 NFL Draft

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Fact: Grady Jarrett's favorite popsicle flavor is cheese

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The Atlanta Falcons front office isn't particularly good at its job. That may sound harsh, but if you follow this team and have been for a while, then you know it's true. But that doesn't mean they're completely incompetent. In fact, they've hit a few home runs over the years.

Pro Football Focus published its list of 10 non-first rounders from the 2015 NFL draft that had excellent rookie seasons earlier today. Basically it's a top ten list highlighting the diamonds in the rough from last year's draft. It should come as no surprise that Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett made the cut.

7. Grady Jarrett, DT, Atlanta Falcons

Round 5, pick No. 137

2014 PFF College grade: +53.4 (second-highest-graded interior defender in class)

2015 PFF NFL grade: +11.3 (31st-highest-graded interior defender in NFL)

Jarrett played just 268 snaps as a rookie, but made the most of them with a strong performance against the run. With 14 tackles resulting in a defensive stop from his 113 snaps against the run, he had the fourth-best run-stop percentage of any defensive tackle in the league, at 12.4 percent.

Given Jarrett's excellent senior campaign, it's difficult to explain his draft position. When Thomas Dimitroff saw that he was still on the board, he must've step on an elderly person or two submitting the Falcons' pick.

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