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Panthers cut ties with Josh Norman, which benefits the Falcons

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They won't be signing him, though.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons got an unexpected bit of good news courtesy of an NFC South rival, which rarely happens on a Wednesday night in April.

The Panthers electing to let Josh Norman walk away is a sensible move in the right light, as it'll free up money for the team to retain terrifying defensive line talent like Kawann Short and Star Loutlelei, and their defensive front is so absurdly good they probably figure their secondary can survive without Norman. This is still a talented team, unfortunately.

Even if they're right, though, taking one of the more dominant cornerbacks in the NFL away from that secondary does not make Carolina a better football team in 2016, and that's what the Falcons should be quietly celebrating today. Julio Jones had his battles with Norman, but there's simply no one on that roster today who is going to be able to contain him, and if the Falcons' improved offensive line can not wilt against the Panthers' defensive front, Atlanta's offense should fare much better this year, and hopefully Norman will wind up out of site and out of mind in the AFC.

In case you were harboring thoughts about it, by the way, the Falcons aren't signing Josh Norman. Sorry.