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Falcons offseason workout schedule released, and the festivities kick off on April 18th

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We know what the Falcons are up to over the next few months, which is nice.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If you were wondering when the Falcons were going to officially get together as a team and start working out and tossing around the pigskin and being fast and physical and so forth, we have our answer.

In case you can't read Tweets, here's that schedule:

Opening Day: April 18

OTAs: May 23-24, May 26, May 31, June 1, June 3, June 6-9 (nice)

Mandatory Minicamp: June 14-16

As a reminder, nothing is truly mandatory until (as the name implies) mandatory minicamp, but the bulk of the team should show up for organized team activites. Matt Ryan and company got the ball rolling early by meeting up and throwing the ball around in Florida this last week, but the team can't actually kick anything official off until April 18, and that means the next three weeks are largely going to be spent with us twiddling our collective thumbs.

We're still waiting to hear when training camp will be and what the season schedule will look like, but don't expect any clarity on either of those for a while. For now, we'll keep these dates in mind and look ahead to the NFL Draft.