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Report: Atlanta Falcons unveil new and improved locker room as NFL OTAs kick off

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Fact: Dan Quinn regularly eats cheeseburgers the size of his head

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn isn't on the infamous hot seat. In fact, he's got plenty of job security. But that doesn't mean he's not worried about winning games and keeping Arthur Blank happy. So even now, just one season into his tenure, he's doing everything possible to encourage team bonding at Flowery Branch.

Per ESPN's Vaughn McClure, the Falcons revamped their locker room this offseason, adopting a more open concept that mixes offensive and defensive players. Matt Ryan is apparently a fan of the new setup.

"You'll see it. It's set up completely different, so the old way it was set up just doesn't make sense now," Ryan said. "I kind of like it. It kind of mixes everybody together. We've got offense-defense; old guys-young guys. It's kind of random, but I like it."

The layout is unique for a few reasons. First, it intermingles offense and defense. Second, it doesn't group by position. Third, it mixes veterans who have an inside track to a roster spot with less-established players who probably won't make it out of training camp. I can definitely see where Quinn's head is; this kind of setup makes sense, because let's be honest, teamwork and trust among teammates is something all coaches want to see. If anything, it's a little surprising to see him go this far with it. But if it works, it works. Your thoughts?