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Picking the ideal Atlanta Falcons draft scenario

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Trade up, trade down, stay put...we want to hear from you.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

We all have our visions for how this draft will unfold, but many of them wind up rejected because they're "unrealistic" or "literally the least believable thing I have ever seen." Well, no more! This is a place to let your fancy run free as you tell us your perfect draft scenario.

Here's mine, in a rough outline form:

  • Myles Jack somehow falls to #17, concerns about his knee are overblown, and he winds up being an immediately productive player for the Falcons.
  • The team either lands a safety they prize in the second round, be it Keanu Neal or (in a wild pipe dream) Su'a Cravens.
  • The Falcons swap down in the third and fourth rounds, picking up additional picks that allow them to snag intriguing athletes at tight end, linebacker (again!), defensive tackle, and perhaps cornerback.
  • They grab at least one guard worth developing over the long haul, so they're not doing the Mike Person/Tom Compton/whoever else carousel for very long.
  • They land their backup quarterback of the future late with one of those new picks.

A class that features Jack, a top safety, and a lot of high-upside players in the second day and beyond would be about as good as I dare hope for. It won't happen ,of course, but it would be ideal.

What's your ideal scenario?