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Falcons begin 2016 offseason program today

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Today is (sort of) (kind of) the start of the football year.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's not the draft or free agency or preseason games or even training camp and organized team activities, but the Falcons are starting football today, and that's something.

For the first two weeks, it'll be nothing but strength and conditioning and rehabilitation for injured players, so don't expect to see much coming out of Flowery Branch except the occasional photos of an impossibly jacked Paul Worrilow and perhaps a Devin Hester sighting at some point in the next month. The spotlight will rightfully be on the draft and what the Falcons can bring in to help a still-shaky defense, but the bright side is that we're not going to be waiting very long before there are legitimate workouts and story lines to cover at Flowery Branch.

Given that the month of May and even early June tend to be complete wastelands for NFL news, we'll take that. Welcome back to football, Falcons.