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The Falcoholic Mailbag: lots of questions, lots of answers

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It's two weeks of the mailbag rolled into one.

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We have a lot of questions to get through in this week's mailbag, so let's jump right in.

RiverCapt: Do you think we will look at Noah Spence at #17 if there? He sounds to me he's learned from mistakes. If it weren't for this I believe he's top 5 pick.

I think every team with a need at defensive end will consider Spence in the first. He does have top-five talent. It will obviously depend on what other players are available and how concerned teams are about the failed drug tests that ended Spence's career at Ohio State. The issue is that this draft is stacked with defensive talent, which makes it a little easier for Spence to slip.

RiverCapt: Also don't you think Spoon and Wheeler can fill MLB?

I'd particularly like to see what Spoon could do at middle linebacker, actually. The Packers did this with Clay Matthews, and he was really disruptive from that position. It's an interesting idea and I'd like to see the team give it a shot.

HistoryofMatt: Can the Falcons draft Isaac Nauta to fix their ginormous hole at tight end?

Like, eventually, when he enters the draft? They should probably wait to see what he does at the college level first and also wait for him to be draft-eligible. I hope they address the position before that. Nick Vannett is my preference in this draft class.

elliotcraig37: What do you think of Marquez North in the 7th for the falcons?

My main concern with MarQuez North is his injury history. It dramatically impacted his productivity at Tennessee. I'm not sure I'd invest a draft pick in a guy with that kind of injury history in a year when the team only has five picks to work with.

tenaciousD..: Why aren't more fans up in arms about drafting a guard in the second? Are you not sick of dumpster :fire: In our interior of our o line.

I think people are less concerned about the guard position because Alex Mack at center should provide a lot of stability that was definitely missing last season, and having consistent play at center should elevate the guard play. Only having five picks to work with makes it harder to justify investing one in a position that will probably improve just based on the Mack signing.

tenaciousD..: Also Matt judon from Grand Valley State? Ur thoughts?

I always worry a bit about DII players adjusting to the level of competition in the NFL, but he certainly was dominant in college. He's probably a fourth rounder and I wouldn't be mad about the pick if the Falcons decided to go in that direction.

HistoryofMatt: Will the Falcons compound the Jalen Collins draft mistake, or correct it?

I think it's probably too early to know if Jalen Collins was a mistake, though I'm certainly not impressed with his suspension. He was always a raw prospect and he did develop last season.

RedBeak: Will the Falcons fall in love with the All Red Color Rush Uniforms, and make them the primary uniforms much to the despair of the entire Dirty Bird Nation?

Oh, dear. I hope not.

RedBeak: does the Jalen Collins situation have any effect on the draft need for a strong safety? Would the team be more inclined to take a safety in the second perhaps, now that the secondary is seemingly only growing weaker?

I think they needed a strong safety, anyway, and I think the team is just fine with Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford outside while Collins is suspended. I don't think the Collins issue necessarily changes anything about their needs.

grendelg: Can we send Kyle Shanahan to pick up the black uniforms?

I like the way you think.

Bluefire77: 1st round-Darron Lee or Reggie Ragland?

People keep telling me I'm a homer, but I prefer Lee for two reasons: he has the speed that Quinn covets for this defense, and he can cover. It would be fun to have a linebacker who didn't make me actually panic each time he drops into coverage.

elliotcraig: The falcons have been showing a lot of interest in Myles Jack recently. What do you make of this?

I just don't think Jack is going to be available by the time the Falcons are on on the clock. Jack did visit with the Falcons, but as I understand it, he was just part of a workout the team hosted for local players, so it's not necessarily indicative of a strong interest on the team's part.

the way i see it: It is good that Dan Quinn supports his coaching staff and management, but do the offensive players really believe in Shanny?

I think they're all still kind of feeling out their relationship with Shanahan. That takes time.

Hawes: Can you confirm Ryan Schraeder is a Falcon in 2016? I think I'm right that he is, but the wording of the CBA is clear as mud.

Yeah, I agree that the whole restricted free agent thing is obnoxiously complex, but to put it simply, Schraeder signed his tender and he is indeed going to be in Atlanta for the 2016 season.

MRFLAMBOYANT: Do you think that ATL should part ways with Jalen Collins due to him being irresponsible and not taking his career/life seriously?

I think it would be pretty reckless to part ways with a guy who is heading into his second season after just spending a second-round pick on him a year ago. I get being upset with Collins for his boneheaded suspension, and I get the frustration about his development, even though he was always a very raw prospect and he's about where I expected him to be developmentally. It's just too wasteful to part ways with him at this point.

MRFLAMBOYANT: What do you think about the draft prospect Karl Joseph? I personally think that he is the definition of "fast and physical" when describing coach DQs defensive mentality.

I like Karl Joseph a lot, and I agree with your "fast and physical" assessment, particularly the physical part. He was a very productive player at the college level and I think he'd be a great addition to Atlanta's defensive backfield.

Falconer33: What would our situation be if we DIDN'T address pass rush? Instead we hit LB, TE, OL, CB, WR, SS all the other holes in the draft. i realize that we would be bottom of the league in pass rush, once again. But could we possibly pull out a playoff berth with our free agents and a healthy Beasley?

Realistically, this team has failed to adequately address the pass rush for years, and it has a lot to do with three consecutive bad seasons. Anything is possible as far as the team winning enough games to lock up a playoff bid, but I'd really rather see them set the team up for the future by addressing this deficiency in the draft. That said, they have a ton of needs and only five picks to work with, so it may not be practical.

TheSpectr: Seriously. Can we PLEASE find out who to talk to to get the black uniforms back! I mean I KNOW Arthur Blank can make it happen. Question is, does he know the fans really want them?

Guys, they're not bringing back the black uniforms in the foreseeable future. I'm as disappointed as you are.

philip.sutter.37: What would be your all Ohio State draft for the falcons?

Round 1: OLB Darron Lee. Round 2: SS Vonn Bell. Round 3: TE Nick Vannett. Round 4: QB Cardale Jones (as a developmental backup, don't freak out). Round 7: WR/return specialist Tyvis Powell.

Hotlanta8411: Just wondering. Who is your favorite Falcon of all time?

Oh, man, this is such a tough question. I have a hard time choosing a favorite. If I had to choose just one historically, it would be Jessie Tuggle.

Rayice1319: Is there a chance we double down on Guards in the draft. We could take one in the 3rd and 4th?

I just don't think so, honestly. They don't have enough picks to work with this year and have too many needs to double down on guards, especially.

Vebrand: Just curious what Roddy is up to as I have not heard of anyone signing him. Any chance he comes is to help coach the Falcons WRs?

I haven't heard a thing, but I think Roddy would prefer to keep playing, and I think he'll probably land somewhere after the draft.

TAKFalcon: Do you think the Falcons trading away a player on the current roster to get more draft picks is in play, and if so what player/position could fit that bill?

It's possible, but I don't think it's likely, honestly.

Caviarhound: I'd like to know which prospects you're absolutely sick and tired of hearing about? I.E. Tyrann Mathieu, Synjyn Days, Randy Gregory, etc...

I'm tired of hearing about Michigan prospects and also prospects the Saints may be targeting, haha.

jwheezy1999: If Lawson, Dodd, Ragland, and Lee are still available when we draft, who do you think we will go with?

If Lawson is available when the Falcons are on the clock, I think they would be nuts to not go with Lawson. I prefer Lee to Ragland because of speed, primarily, so of those three, he would be my second choice.

jwheezy1999: Another question. Do you think Keanu Neal or Su'a Cravens would be a better fit for Atlanta in the second round?

Both guys have the attributes Quinn covets on defense, particularly the length. I would give Neal the edge here, primarily because Quinn recruited him to Florida.

redbird65: Should we get Lawson in the 1st if he's there & possibly move up in the 2nd to get the best SS/OLB in the 2nd? I know we have more needs but solidifying the top two or three needs on the roster now would go a long way. Maybe get a OG/WR with a later pick? Just thinking with limited selections why not move up in the 2nd or 3rd to get the best available at the positions that are our biggest needs.

Yes to getting Lawson if he's available, but I don't see the team trying to move up. They can't afford to give up any other draft picks this year, and I'd really prefer they not mortgage the future, either.

Time2RiseUp: What are the odds that Jonathan Bullard drops to #50, and we draft him? He's really disruptive.

CBS Sports mocked Bullard to the Falcons, but with the 17th-overall pick, not #50. I think it's very, very unlikely that Bullard will still be available that deep in the second round.

JasonBoa: What do you think of Joshua Perry OLB from Ohio State? Should the Falcons be looking to draft him?

I'm glad you asked, because I love -- LOVE -- Joshua Perry. I interviewed him a couple of weeks ago, and he is a delightful young man. He's a very hard worker and maximizes his talent on the field. I'm not sure that Perry fits the "fast" part of Dan Quinn's fast and physical ideal, but he is a well-rounded player who puts in extraordinary effort on and off the field. In addition, he's a great guy. I'd be thrilled to have him in Atlanta.

We had so many questions this week that I needed to split the mailbag into two parts. Any questions submitted on Twitter will be answered in tomorrow's post.