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What Color Rush uniforms will the Falcons wear in 2016?

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There's no real answer...yet.

All black uniforms, please?
All black uniforms, please?
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Over the weekend, a "leaked" image circulated around Twitter, purporting to show every NFL team's Color Rush choices. If you're not familiar with this, the NFL decided last year that teams playing Thursday Night Football games would wear single-color uniforms several weeks of the year, which led to the Rams in a shade of mustard yellow that I haven't fully recovered from.

This year, the Falcons will be playing the Buccaneers on Thursday night in Week 9, which means both teams will probably be rocking the Color Rush unis on November 3. The question is what colors those will be, and while we're all guessing, someone else is either out here heroically leaking the color choices or just making s**t up.

I'm not sure whether it's real--some of the weird color choices and the fact that nobody seems quite sure what to make of the account Tweeting the photo out make me think that perhaps it's not--but it certainly would give the Falcons an interesting color.

Personally, my hope would be that the NFL would be smart enough to give the Falcons a black color rush uniform if the Buccaneers are wearing red, and a red uniform if the Buccaneers go with pewter. This photo would seem to suggest that the Falcons will be wearing silver or gray (???) and the Buccaneers will be wearing pewter, which would be as confusing as it is ugly.

What's your best guess for the Falcons' Thursday Night Football Color Rush uniforms?