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Falcoholic Mailbag: Have questions about the Falcons? Ask away.

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It's time to submit your questions for this week's mailbag, and I'll answer last week's questions this week, too.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

A bunch of stuff came up last week, and I never did get around to answering all of the questions you submitted about the Falcons for the mailbag. Well, if you asked a question last week, never fear. I'll answer all of those in this week's edition. I'll also answer any new questions you submit, so ask away.

Last night I covered a fundraising event for the Rally Foundation, an organization that raises money to fund research to combat childhood cancers. Vic Beasley was the honorary host, and he was joined by his teammates Justin Hardy, Ben Garland and Damian Parms, as well as former Falcon Kevin Cone. The event is called Rally on the Runway, and I'll have a full article up about it tomorrow. Players escorted Rally Kids, kids who are either fighting or have beaten cancer, down the runway. The event raised a record $250,000, and 94% of all of the funds raised by the Rally Foundation go directly to their mission.

We typically get a lot of redundant questions each week, especially this time of year. People want to know about the draft and which players the team might be targeting, or they want to know if the offense is going to improve or whether they're going to go back to the black uniforms (they aren't). I wanted to mention the Rally Foundation event because Falcons players do a ton of good off the field, and I thought it might open up some different questions for this week's mailbag.

As always, ask your questions in the comments or submit them on Twitter.