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The Falcons' bye week does not come at an ideal time in 2016

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It's a little too late to be truly useful for Atlanta.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

There may not be an ideal time for a bye week, but there certainly are better times for it. If you have a particularly brutal stretch of your schedule, for example, you might want the bye to get healthy and get players rested before you embark on it. If you're about to start a West Coast roadtrip, too, it can be valuable.

On paper, the Falcons' 2016 bye week is not ideally positioned, then. It does not come in the midst of that brutal Week 3-Week 5 stretch where the Falcons play the Panthers at home and the Broncos and Seahawks on the road, nor right after that when they could use a breather. It doesn't come after a typically tough Packers game and before a two game road swing against the Buccaneers and Eagles, either, though it does land right after that.

That's ten weeks in the books before the bye, including at least five of the (again, on paper) toughest games on the team's schedule, whereas after the bye the most difficult matchups by far are the Cardinals, Chiefs, and Panthers. The saving grace is that the Falcons are likely to be a little banged up and worn out at this point, and it does come before they face the Cardinals and Chiefs, one of the tougher two game stretches on the schedule.

What's your thought on the bye?