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Do the Falcons need a tight end in this draft?

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They need one, but it doesn't have to be from this draft class.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons don't have a great tight end corps, which is no great secret. Jacob Tamme is a perfectly legitimate top option as a receiver, but he's not a big play threat or a huge red zone threat, and he's not much of a blocker at all. Levine Toilolo is a fine blocking tight end who hasn't shown much as a receiver, and there's just not a lot behind those two guys.

Blogging Dirty (and plenty of our readers) think the Falcons should pass on a tight end in 2016 and wait for 2017, which is an entirely reasonable take. It's not like a tight end would be a complete waste, though, and without knowing a whole hell of a lot about next year's class, you can safely say there are 3-4 potential impact players at tight end in this one that could make worthy additions to the team for years to come.

And for the Falcons, there are really two missing pieces on offense at this point (if you can spare me your Matt Ryan jokes), at guard and at tight end. The team doesn't have any long-term solutions at either spot right now, and you could very easily persuade me to draft a guard or tight end in rounds 2 through 4 because it would represent a potentially major upgrade for the Falcons for a few years. The Falcons urgently need defensive help, but since we're all acknowledging that the Falcons are probably still in a bridge year and need another quality free agency period and draft to make an impact in 2017, you're going to be getting those players either this year or next.

If the draft lines up in such a way that the safeties are cleaned out in the second round and the pass rushers aren't enticing, you got your linebacker in the first round, and Hunter Henry is your best player available, then, I think you take him. The Falcons certainly don't needa tight end, but one would help the offense in a very real way.