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Thomas Dimitroff's Draft Success by Round: Matt Bosher saves the sixth

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The Falcons have steered away from making sixth round picks in recent years, and this may help you understand why.

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The other day I opined that the fourth round was the worst one in the draft for Thomas Dimitroff, which many of you quibbled with. After diving into the sixth round, I can unequivocally say I was wrong and you were right. This is so, so much worse.

2008: RB Thomas Brown

Dimitroff caught fire early on in the 2008 draft, grabbing Matt Ryan, Sam Baker (err), Curtis Lofton, Thomas DeCoud, and Harry Douglas in the first three rounds, and getting great value with Kroy Biermann later. He struck out late, though, which is not unexpected.

Brown was a squat, strong back who found himself on injured reserve after a horse collar tackle in preseason his first year, and the Falcons waived him heading into the 2009 season. He never played a regular season down in the NFL, and is currently the running backs coach for the Miami Hurricanes.

2009: LB Spencer Adkins

Adkins was one of those players I was convinced could develop into an asset, given his athleticism, but he never did. He played some special teams and occasionally got on the field as a reserve during three seasons with Atlanta, but was off the team after the 2011 season and has never gotten a regular season snap anywhere else.

2010: S Shann Schillinger

The second biggest success of the sixth round for Atlanta, believe it or not. He played in 36 games for Atlanta as a special teamer and reserve safety, but wound up off the team partway through the 2013 season.

2011: P Matt Bosher

That's right: The biggest success of the sixth round is a punter. To be fair to Bosher, he overcame a slow start to his career to become one of the NFL's better players at the position, and certainly one of the most physical punters in the league, given his penchant for chasing down returners and delivering big hits. He's been well worth the selection, even if people howled about the pick at the time.

2012: S Charles Mitchell

He played in 10 games for the Falcons, picking up one tackle along the way, and was cut before the following season. He's never played another regular season down in the NFL.


Technically, the success rate here might be in line with other NFL GMs, but I think even Thomas Dimitroff will admit that this is an uninspiring crop even for sixth round picks. Bosher is the only success here, with every other pick ranking as a mild-to-complete disappointment. It's no great surprise that the Falcons have traded their sixth round picks aggressively over the last three drafts to either move up and land another fifth rounder or move down and pick up more seventh rounders, because they simply haven't found much value here.