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Report: Atlanta Falcons still looking to fix their right guard problem

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Fact: Matt Ryan photographs feral cats in his spare time

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan doesn't like getting hit. Like any quarterback, he just wants to stand tall in the pocket, delivering completion after completion. Ryan doesn't take it personally when he gets hit, because it's part of the game, and he's learned how to deal with it. (He may or may not cry himself to sleep listening to Joni Mitchell after particularly bad losses.) But man, he'd love to stay off the turf, if possible.

The Falcons took a significant step when they signed Alex Mack. They have two solid tackles in Jake Matthews and Ryan Schraeder. Andy Levitre, while a liability in the passing game, is an above-average run blocker. But right guard, that's where it gets ugly. Real ugly. Vaughn McClure broke down the problem in detail earlier today.

So what's the answer? It's looking like the draft, if not Chester. The Falcons have worked out a number of guard prospects including Washington State's Joe Dahl, Michigan's Graham Glasgow, North Carolina State's Joe Thuney, and Michigan State's Jack Allen, just to name a few. Glasgow visited Atlanta, too. The Falcons also have an eye on Stanford's Joshua Garnett.

Sometimes you can't fix a broken team in a single off-season, and maybe the Falcons can't be fixed before the 2016 season begins. Let's be honest, Levitre is a temporary solution to a serious problem. But at least he's passable. The Falcons have zero passable options at right guard, which is why they're still looking. So keeping looking, Dimitroff. For Matt Ryan's sake.

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