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NFL Draft 2016: Checking in on the latest list of Falcons prospect visits

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Brought to you by our friends at FalcFans.

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As always, I first invite you to check out the FalcFans draft interest tracker, because Aaron Freeman has done a tremendous job pulling it together. Then let's discuss some of the new names here.

As previously noted, the Falcons are focusing in on specific positions, which include safety, linebacker, and tight end, while taking a look at interesting prospects across the spectrum outside of those three. What's noteworthy is the team is quietly checking in on a number of offensive linemen, as well, including some of the draft's top tackles.

Notable Names

Jack Conklin, T, Michigan State

He's a projected first round tackle and has been invited to the Green Room, so it seems odd that the Falcons would be in on him. Because he's not thought to be a candidate to move inside over the long haul, the thinking here would presumably be that Ryan Schraeder either will not be around or will not be the tackle past this season, which is logical if you're the Falcons and you know he's going to be looking for a long-term deal you're not willing to give him. I can't realistically see him being the pick at #17, though, and I doubt Conklin would be a top target for the Falcons even if they moved down.

Jack Allen, C, Michigan State

Conklin's line mate at Michigan State gets called things like "tenacious" and "relentless," which is nice. The Falcons would presumably look at him as a guard, where he'd be an option in the second day, and he moves well enough and is nasty enough to stick there in Kyle Shanahan's scheme. Whether the Falcons want to make guard a top priority in the draft or not is still an open question, but they don't have any worthy long-term options at either guard spot, so perhaps they do.

De'Vondre Campbell, LB, Minnesota

The biggest knock on Campbell has to do with his instincts and angles to the ball, both of which were lacking at times in Minnesota. He's a plus athlete, though, and if he's going in the third or fourth round, the Falcons might be tempted to snag him whether they get someone like Darron Lee in the first or not, because he could develop into a talented starter. He may just need a couple of years of work to get there.

Vonn Bell, S, Ohio State

Another safety who is expected to go in the first couple of rounds, Bell isn't an elite all-around safety by any stretch of the imagination, but looks solid in more or less every aspect of his game. He'd likely step right in as the starter for the Falcons at strong safety, and while I'd prefer Keanu Neal, Bell's one of the more intriguing guys left after Neal's name is called, and perhaps the most pro-ready.

Brandon Allen, QB, Arkansas

I can't resist calling out these quarterbacks, because it seems obvious the Falcons are shopping for their backup of the future. Allen is a smart quarterback with a good arm who plays better than his size would suggest, and after a year with Matt Schaub or Sean Renfree backing up Matt Ryan, he could be the long-term answer behind #2. Maybe. We'd hope.

Who is intriguing you from the list of Falcons visits and workouts?