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Matt Ryan hosts annual golf charity for Children's Healthcare

The Falcons QB continues to give back to the community

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

While the Falcons front-office is undoubtedly preparing for the upcoming NFL draft, the Falcons veteran QB is using his time to give back to a very worthwhile cause. Though his involvement in charities isn't as trumpeted as some other athletes, Matt Ryan has been very involved with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta from very early on in his career. Today, he's hosting a golf tournament to raise money for the charity.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta ( is a non-profit organization dedicated to specialized healthcare for children from all walks of life. It's a great charity that is driven not only by donations, but by a large number of volunteers as well. Ryan has been involved with the charity for a while, and he deserves to be recognized for his continual support of this (and many other) charities.

With all the talk about the Falcons off-season and upcoming draft strategy, it's nice to see that our players are making an impact away from the field as well.

Your thoughts on Ryan and his support of CHOA?