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Reminder: This is the last season the Falcons will play in the Georgia Dome

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Sniff, sniff.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Sifting through some of the new photos from Mercedes-Benz Stadium, you can't help but remember that the Georgia Dome is on its way out after a quarter century in existence.

I don't know too many people who are overly attached to the stadium, which is probably as it should be, but there was some great history at the Georgia Dome. Three (and arguably more) of the best Falcons teams of all-time played in the stadium, including the Super Bowl-bound 1998 squad, the Michael Vick-led 2004 team, and the 2012 team that was just a handful of plays away from the Super Bowl. Unless the Falcons have a magical run in them this year, though, the Georgia Dome will cease to host the Falcons without the team ever winning a championship. Of course, that was true of all previous Falcons stadiums, as well.

So spare a quick thought for the Georgia Dome this year before you start dreaming about the new stadium in 2017, even if it's only natural when you consider the prospect of watching the game from the 100 yard bar.

If you haven't checked in on the new stadium recently, by the way, it's coming together pretty well. I just hope fans will be able to afford to go to games there.