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What questions do you have about the Falcons this week?

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The NFL Draft is approaching, and surely you have questions about the Falcons. Ask away.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is just a couple of weeks away. The Falcons have a lot of needs and five picks to work with to fill them. They've made some moves in free agency, but they could still stand to upgrade in many ways. What questions do you have about the draft and how the team will address needs on both sides of the ball?

You also may have questions about Jalen Collins and his suspension for violating the league's rules on performance-enhancing substances. You may be wondering how the team will address the cornerback situation with Collins off the field for the first four games in the season. Ask away.

Whatever you'd like to know about the Falcons, we'll be happy to weigh in with some answers. You can submit your questions to me on Twitter, @jeannathomas, or you can ask your questions in the comments below. Look for the answers to all of your Falcons questions on the site tomorrow.