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Statistically speaking, if the Atlanta Falcons are going to draft a linebacker, they should do it in the second round

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The Atlanta Falcons can't wait for the NFL draft. Even with just five picks, the fewest of any NFL team, they can realistically add two or three guys who can immediately assist in the defensive overhaul. Best case scenario, the Falcons get one starter and a couple of role players with potential to start down the line.

It's widely assumed the Falcons will make two defensive selections on the front end of the draft. It's possible they double dip at linebacker. According to Tartan Sports Analytics, statistically speaking, the Falcons can get the most value at linebacker in the second round. If they want to add a defensive end, they can get the most value in the 5th or 6th rounds.

Linebackers provide good relative value no matter the round drafted, but the advantage is largest in round two. The pattern for linebackers is very similar to the pattern for running backs, except their value holds up better late in the draft.

If you read Nick Citrone's article, he's basically a really smart guy that used some solid data and fancy mathematical equations to pinpoint where teams get the most value at various positions. This isn't a hard and fast rule, however. The Falcons could get a lot of value by going LB/LB or DE/LB in the first two rounds this year. I'll frankly be a little shocked if they don't.

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