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Matt Ryan: Miami passing camp was opportunity to get to know Mohomad Sanu

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Fact: Matt Ryan lives in a castle made of clouds

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan hosted and funded a three day "passing camp" for 27 of his teammates in Miami, Florida this week. It was an opportunity to further adjust to Kyle Shanahan's shenanigans offensive system and bond. Ryan paid for everyone to fly down, paid for hotel rooms, and paid for a couple of team dinners. Basically he's just showing off his fantastic leadership skills.

Ryan also got to work out with Mohammed Sanu for the first time this week. Sanu, Ryan's new toy, is stepping in as the Falcons' presumptive WR2, replacing Ryan's good friend, longtime mentor, and franchise legend, Roddy White.

"One of the things I was most excited about coming down here was having the chance to get to know Mo and throw to him on the field. He's got great hands. One of the things I noticed right from the start is how strong his hands are. He's a really good worker. I think he can really help us."

The addition of Sanu will hopefully give Ryan the opportunity to rely on someone not named Julio Jones in the years ahead. Win-win for everyone. Your thoughts?