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Mohamed Sanu visiting Falcons soon, deal not imminent

Thankfully, given the reported price tag.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

There was an anxiety-inducing report from ESPN earlier today that Mohamed Sanu was going to probably land with the Falcons for up to $7 million per year, which seemed like a crazy amount for a wide receiver without a huge history of production. It appears we can tap the brakes on that rumor.

Sanu would be a fine addition to the team's receiving corps, but I don't see him as a true #2 receiver, and cost is a concern. If he's getting $7 million per year, he's being paid to be a true #2, and while he has decent size, wheels, and hands, he doesn't figure to earn that contract. Hopefully the Falcons can get it done for less and add him to the receiving corps today.

Travis Benjamin and Marvin Jones, widely considered to be the top two receivers available, have both signed already, so Sanu is one of the best options left on the open market.