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Brandon Boykin drawing interest from Falcons, could play nickel in Atlanta

An unexpected name has been linked to the team

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

In a little bit of a surprise, the Falcons have been linked to a cornerback during this free agency cycle. Brandon Boykin of the Pittsburgh Steelers is set to become a free agent, and it sounds like the talks between him and the Steelers are not progressing.

You may be wondering why the Falcons would even be looking at the corner position when we have two good starters in Alford and Trufant, and a good developmental prospect in Collins. Boykin would be a nice fit as a nickel corner, and there is a high likelihood that the team will opt to let Robert Alford walk when the time comes. It's very difficult to pay two top corners in this league, and it's all but a given that the Falcons will opt to keep Pro-Bowler Desmond Trufant. Making a move now on a nickel corner may be wise when looking at the future needs of the team.

Your thoughts on the interest in Boykin?