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Alex Mack reportedly closing in on deal with Atlanta Falcons

Alex Mack, a favorite target for many fans, is giving ATL a strong look.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Signing Mack would be a huge boon to a team that desperately needs a real center, and it looks like we're extremely close to seeing it happen.

He won't come cheap, but Mack is a massive upgrade over Mike Person at center, and he'll instantly improve the interior of the team's line. The ground game and Matt Ryan should both benefit hugely.

Earlier story follows.

While we had similar reports the last few days, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's D. Orlando Ledbetter suggested the feeling was mutual on Atlanta's side.

Update (10:40 a.m.) Now Mike Silver is saying the Falcons are the leading candidate for Mack:

As you already know, Mack voided his Cleveland contract and is looking for more money. As of this writing, Trevathan is still on the table, but a wombo combo of Mack and Trevathan would significantly strengthen both sides of the ball. The Falcons need some good news at this point and a Mack signing would be fantastic.

Man, it'd just be nice to know the snap is going to Matt's hands the majority of the time. How do you feel about the team pushing extremely hard to get Mack? Do you feel that the money used to sign him would be better spent elsewhere?