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Falcons sign Matt Schaub, pick-six artist and former Atlanta quarterback

Matt Schaub returns to the team that drafted him.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Ryan now has a veteran to back him up, and it's a familiar face.

The team added the quarterback they first drafted back in the 2004 NFL Draft. Unfortunately, Schaub has a penchant for throwing interceptions that are returned for touchdowns in recent seasons, so we'll hope he doesn't have to see the field.

On the plus side, Schaub's best season came under offensive Kyle Shanahan as a member of the Houston Texans. Unfortunately, that was back in 2009. Still, Schaub brings knowledge of Shanahan's system, so he should be able to contribute for a game or two if Ryan were to go down. Maybe.

The 34-year-old quarterback spent last season with the Baltimore Ravens, starting two games, and with the Oakland Raiders in 2014. He served as a backup with both teams since his heyday in Houston. Welcome back to Atlanta!