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2016 NFL Free Agency: The pass rusher market is thinning out fast

Malik Jackson, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Mario WIlliams are all reportedly locked in to their teams.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

If the Falcons want a top-flight pass rusher, they may have to get one in the draft, because the free agents option are dwindling with alarming quickness.

The money flying around is pretty eye-popping, as you'd expect in a year where everyone has cap space, and the Falcons will be out of worthwhile options pretty quickly. With Tamba Hali re-upping in Kansas City, the Falcons are looking at Olivier Vernon, Cameron Wake, Bruce Irvin, Robert Ayers, and a bunch of situational options. The Falcons may well elect to look in the draft for a bookend to Vic Beasley, especially if they're intent on sinking dollars into safety, center, and wide receiver.

If not, they'll have to get moving.