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What's the Falcons' plan at guard?

This might be the biggest puzzle of the offseason.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We've gotten various indicators about who the Falcons are chasing at positions like wide receiver, safety, and pass rusher, either through reports or which prospects the team is visiting with. One position that has remains an enigma, however, is guard.

The Falcons have Andy Levitre, Ben Garland, James Stone, and Mike Person under contract, and all are possible options at guard this year. Levitre is likely to stick around and start, but as far as right guard goes, we have no idea whether the Falcons are going to in-house (gulp), try for a free agent like Houston's Brandon Brooks, or draft a starting option like Cody Whitehair out of Kansas State. I'd lay out the options in order of what I think is most likely for Atlanta, but I legitimately have no idea what is more likely.

The key for the Falcons will be not taking a step backward. Center figures to be a focus, and they may be able to get by with Chris Chester or Person at right guard if they significantly upgrade in the middle of the line. After a rough year for Matt Ryan and some poor run blocking in the second half of the year, though, it would be nice if the Falcons had a long-term plan at right guard instead of yet another bandage.

What's your guess?