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Discussing Roddy White's legacy on this week's FalcFans podcast

An aural goodbye to White.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Roddy White's parting was and continues to be messy situation, but one thing is crystal clear: He's one of the Falcons' greatest players ever, and he should be celebrated as such.

Join your hosts Aaron Freeman, editor-in-chief of FalcFans, and our own Allen Strk as they run through White's career. The duo is joined by Falcoholic beat reporter Jeanna Thomas, who penned this moving ode to Roddy and covered his last season in Atlanta for us. Between the three of them, they discuss Roddy's long career, how he rebounded from a notoriously slow start to his career, and what the Falcons will be doing down the line to try to replace a legend. There's also some free agency and Combine-related embarrassment to sift through, of course. roddy white

Look for another edition of the FalcFans/Falcoholic podcast a little later this week, when they'll be talking free agency and the draft.

Click here to listen to the full podcast