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Falcons Mailbag: the 'Why is Kyle Shanahan the worst?' edition

Fans had a lot of questions about Kyle Shanahan this week in light of Roddy White's comments about his former offensive coordinator.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It's Falcons mailbag time, and I happily answered a ton of questions about the Falcons, including whether or not they will switch to the black uniforms and why the Falcons asked draft prospects stupid, illegal questions. I also answered questions about whether a hot dog is a sandwich (it isn't) and when the Falcons are going to win a World Series (hopefully soon). There were plenty of questions about the draft and free agency and all of the other fun things that are coming up with the start of the new league year just around the corner.

But the bulk of the questions centered around recently cut veteran receiver Roddy White and his disgruntled comments about his former offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan. Fans have long suspected all was not well between White and Shanahan given Roddy's diminished role in the offense, and White's comments confirmed it.

Enjoy, and if you have other Falcons questions, ask them in the comments.