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Podcast: Scouting Courtney Upshaw and talking football with Baltimore Beatdown

The podcast crew talks Falcons, Ravens, and more in this week's edition.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Courtney Upshaw's signing earned the team a lot of buzz, though very few people seem to be sure about his role on the team. To help us get a better understanding of Upshaw as a player, the FalcFans podcast crew brought SB Nation's Baltimore Beatdown into the fray.

Join hosts Aaron Freeman and Allen Strk as they chat with Kyle Barber, the man in charge over at Baltimore Beatdown, who talks about Upshaw's potential and production with the Ravens, where he might slot in best on the Falcons, and what he thinks of the Ravens' offseason thus far. They also, inevitably, compare the Ravens' offseason to the Falcons.

Later on, Aaron and Allen talk about Kroy Biermann's visit with the Bills and how much better Upshaw figures to be than everyone's favorite #71, as well as velvet-flavored snacks. Yeah, you kinda have to listen to get that one.

Click here to listen to the full episode