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Falcons hold private workout for Washington guard Joe Dahl

This is an intriguing one.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We all agree that the Falcons are probably not done adding bodies to guard, and this body is warmer than any of the free agents left on the market, at the very least.

Dahl profiles as a guard because of his size and athleticism, but he's a technically sound player and his skills look like they'll translate well to the inside when he reaches the NFL. His projections are all over the place, but it's generally expected he'll go somewhere between the fourth and seventh rounds, so the Falcons would probably have to snag him in the 4th if they really want him...unless they trade down!

Dahl's not going to step right in at right guard, more than likely, meaning the Falcons will still have to trot out Mike Person, James Stone, or perhaps Chris Chester at the position initially. Many do believe Dahl can be a starter at the next level down the line, however, so this might be a nice gamble for a Falcons team that could really use a young, promising guard or two to develop.