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How the Falcons may divvy up their targets in 2016

Matt Ryan's going to throw a ton of passes, but who will they go to?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, Matt Ryan threw 614 passes, and nearly a third of those went to Julio Jones. I don't expect that to change significantly this season, but with Mohamed Sanu in the fold and the Falcons hopefully achieving a greater degree of balance on offense, it might.

So we're here today to talk targets. I think Julio will receive fewer in 2016, if only a dozen or two dozen, with Sanu getting more than anyone besides Julio received a year ago. I imagine that will have a cascade effect on everyone else, with Devonta Freeman and Jacob Tamme potentially losing targets to Sanu. Below, you'll find my best guess at how things will go.

Julio Jones: 180
Mohamed Sanu: 100
Devonta Freeman: 80
Jacob Tamme: 80
Justin Hardy: 70
Nick Williams/Aldrick Robinson: 30
Levine Toilolo: 25
Tevin Coleman: 15
Patrick DiMarco: 15
Random WR: 10
Third-String TE: 10
Terron Ward: 5

The uncertainty here comes from not knowing whether the Falcons will add a rookie tight end or wide receiver, but I feel pretty good about the numbers otherwise. Hit me with your best projections.