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Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn enthusiastically endorses team bonding

Fact: in case of emergency, Dan Quinn's bald head can be used as a flotation device

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is wining and dining 27 of his teammates in Miami, Florida this week. But this isn't  a vacation, they're down there to work. It's a trip that Ryan planned entirely on his own and it's a damn good idea.

But how does Falcons head coach Dan Quinn feel about it? According to the AJC's D. Orlando Ledbetter, Quinn enthusiastically endorses it.

"I think that bond that takes place among your team, is an important one," Quinn said when asked about the camp. "We have nine weeks over the offseason where they get to hang and build that relationship on and off the field. It's not only a player-to-coach relationships that are important, but also player-to-player relationships. That's where the locker room is formed. Every year it's different team to team."

Quinn wants his guys on the same page. Notwithstanding any risk of injury, he's behind this. It's also why Quinn is pushing hard to stack West Coast road games next season. He thinks it will help the team bond, and he's all about the bonding.

Your thoughts?