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Free agency rumors: Cowboys in on Adrian Clayborn, Bruce Irvin looking at Jacksonville

We are at the terrible point of the year where nearly every pseudo-rumor is being considered.

Is Clayborn heading to Dallas?
Is Clayborn heading to Dallas?
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

One of the few things you can count on is rumors swirling before free agency. We expect the rumors to ramp up until before the start of legal tampering on Monday, when the rumors become some overwhelming and contradictory that most of the Falcoholic staff tosses their hands in the air and begins drinking until Jason LaCanfora stops tweeting.

Ah, memories.

Lets start off with this tweet from one of the writers for the Dallas Cowboys official website.

Considering Randy Gregory (four-game suspension) and Greg Hardy (too much leadership) will likely not being providing much impact for Dallas, the team will probably be picking up as many defensive linemen as possible. Clayborn played well in 2015, providing three sacks in 504 snaps, predominately at defensive tackle.

Still young, but having dealt with injuries and inconsistent plays, Clayborn will have an interesting market. Should the Falcons try to keep him? That was discussed in Allen Strk's article this morning.

Next, it seems likely that Bruce Irvin's agent has leaked preferred teams and contract numbers. Those teams: the Atlanta Falcons and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The contract number: $9.5 million per year. That number seems VERY high for a talented player who has yet to find his pro position and has lacked consistency. The Falcons filled Irvin's current position last year with Brooks Reed, so spending even more on that spot seems odd.

What new information is there today? Irvin followed a number of Jaguars fans and players in the last few days. Yes, it has come to this. Did you know that Mohamed Sanu has favorited a few tweets asking him to come to Atlanta? Sadly, I know he did. Travis Benjamin's favorites are 80% Joel Osteen tweets, so this is not a perfect system.

Still, it is believed that Irvin wants to reunite with one of his old coordinators, and may be leaning towards Jacksonville.