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How much does Roddy White have left, and where will he play in 2016?

Still coming to terms with this, but we're looking to the future for both the Falcons and Roddy.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's going to be weird to type this for a while yet, but Roddy White is gone, and it's obvious the Falcons have replacements in mind. For Roddy, who told Josina Anderson that he wanted to play another year or two, the question is where he has in mind.

Can Roddy still play?

Emphatically yes, but not at the same level he once did. We spent a lot of time last year talking about how Roddy wasn't the player he once was, which was obvious to anyone watching the games, and he's been dealing with the kind of nagging injuries that sap speed and effectiveness. Last year, in particular, there were long stretches where Roddy was on the field but effectively invisible, unable to get the kind of separation he used to. The Falcons simply are looking for someone younger and more dynamic to take his snaps, and it's tough to blame him.

That said, Kyle Shanahan also cut Roddy out of the game plan, and he remains a cunning player capable of making big third down grabs and showing brief bursts of the wheels, separation skills, and leaping ability that made him so effective throughout most of his 11 years in Atlanta. A team signing him to be their #2 receiver is going to be disappointed, but a team willing to move him around the formation and treat him as the third or fourth option in the passing game will find he still has plenty to offer.

Where's Roddy going?

This one's trickier, but Roddy gave us a clue when he said he preferred to stay in the south. That could mean the NFC South, where he could strike back at the Falcons with the Panthers or Saints (or re-join Mike Smith and Dirk Koetter in Tampa Bay), or it could mean with a team like the Titans, who have former receivers coach Terry Robiskie and a dire need for wide receivers to help young Marcus Mariota.

My guess is that he'll end up on the Titans, personally, but he'll likely follow the money and the snap opportunities where they take him. I hope he won't end up in the NFC South so I can root for him, like I always have.